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    We are your hosts Patricia and Peter with Sunny

Relax & Revitalise On Top of the Gold Coast

At a Unique Boutique Rejuvenation Sanctuary & Retreat


A special package for people suffering from

Ross River Fever is available.

Please contact our office for details. 

What makes our Rejuvenation Sanctuary different?

This is ’An Authentic Rejuvenation Sanctuary’ and not just another ‘Health Retreat or Rejuvenation Spa’ offering pampering, cosmetic and relaxation treatments and dealing out multitudes of expensive supplements.

Specifically: We specialise in providing an ideal environment with the biological conditions needed by the mind and body for safe and successful detoxification, revitalisation and rejuvenation where it is possible. 

We have cultivated very unique accommodation with facilities and services to support our intention and goal of rejuvenating minds, bodies and lives. For only a small number of guests.

Finally, all the above being organised, implemented and continually evolved by a highly successful and respected Natural Healthcare Practitioner and Author with over Forty years experience in the Healing Arts. Peter is joined by his wife and co-author Patricia, to provide all you need to rest, relax and revitalise.  

Consultations, treatments, counselling, and lessons in Therapeutic Breathing, Meditation, rehabilitating your body, Spinal Decompression Food preparation and healthy cooking are available as optional extras.

‘When you detoxify correctly, you are on Nature’s operating table’. 

Medicines and supplements cannot do what the body and mind are capable of when given the chance. 

Your body is a self-regulating, self-adjusting and where possible self-healing organism. Give it the right conditions and it will heal itself where it is possible. It has the genetic code and blueprint of not only survival but also, Rejuvenation. 

Here you will be guided to allow your mind and body to access the higher innate wisdom of the body to ‘stimulate the Healing response’ and move towards regeneration and high level health on all levels – where it is possible.

Our Federation Homestead

A masterpiece of creative design excellence with both Mediterranean and Australian Federation styling. Magnificent extra large rooms with 12 and 15 feet ceilings all with ensuite.
Set 1000 feet above the Gold Coast overlooking both the Coastline as well as the hinterland our large deck provides arguably some of the best views of the Gold Coast.

Our property is one of the first modern ‘City Farms’

Here we enjoy cultivating our own organic fruit trees, vegetables, herbs and Australian Bush Tucker. We have Ten fresh rainwater tanks and a treatment system that ensures the highest quality water to be found anywhere.

Our facilities include:

Unique Hydrotherapy Ozone Spa, swimming pool, Hydro Jets, Sitz Bath, and Steam room.

A fully equiped ‘Functional Rejuvenation Gymnasium‘ plus an inside and also outside Yoga studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

We have a ‘gated property’ offering privacy, seclusion and security.
Within our gardens are almost one hundred organic sub-tropical fruit trees as well as many organic vegetable gardens.
We extend our invitation to you to come and share our ‘Wellness environment’ where you can relax and restore the sense of ‘balance’ to your life. Importantly, we have some of the best Water on the planet! Spot a whale breaching or playing from our breakfast deck, sit around an open fire pit and count the stars while you warm your Soul. Or, just relax back in your beautiful and tastefully furnished guest room.

‘Detoxification and Revitalisation’ Stays:

Tariff from July 10. 2018

$490 per night, per person in a private room.

$390 per night, per person for Two guests (sharing queen bed).

Minimum of Three guests per retreat. Maximum Four.

A special package for people suffering from Ross River Fever is available. Please contact our office for details. 

This includes accommodation, meals and juices.

An individually designed detoxification and Revitalisation plan for your stay.

Supervision during your stay.

Help in organising a workable ‘New lifestyle Plan’ to maintain and build on the new lease on life you have found following your stay here.

Question & answer sessions and lessons with Peter.

Use of our hydrotherapy facilities and Yoga studios,

Access to our ‘Self-help’ library.


How to get here:
From the Gold Coast Airport we are approximately 25 minutes by taxi.
From Brisbane Airport we are 90 minutes and trains leave every 1/2 hour to Robina Train Station and 10 minutes by taxi from Robina. http://www.airtrain.com.au/

By car southbound Exit 79 and northbound Exit 80.
Follow the directions to the Springbrook Road.
Monaro Road is off Springbrook Road. We are number 300 at the top of the ridge with the Australian Flag proudly flying.

Check in: 2pm
Please send a message to Patricia if you arriving later so gate can be opened.
Check out: 10am

Early check in or check out is available. 
Either Early check in from 10am OR ‘Late checkout’ by 3 pm ‘by arrangement only’ are possible at additional cost. Please contact our office for details.

Payment Details:
All rates are subject to change without notice.
To secure the reservation full payment by MasterCard / Visa or direct debit is required at the time of booking.
For bookings made through Pan Harmony 50% refund for a cancellation 1 week prior to arrival except during Australian school holidays.

Below are our normal Bed & Breakfast room rates (without a Therapeutic Stay) minimum of 2 nights:


Choose to stay in one of our amazing rooms or separate two bedroomed ‘Cottage’

The Garden Room

Inspired by Nature this relaxing room with 15 foot ceilings and ensuite leads directly through French doors into the garden. Beautiful peaceful colours to help you relax and unwind.

From $179/night

The Treetop Room

The Treetop Room lives up to its name overlooking the beautiful gardens and National Park.

From $189/night
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